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Yeast Free Bread Mix

Yeast Free Bread Mix

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Gluten & Yeast Free Bread Mix

All-Purpose Self-Rising Flour Blend

Some customers call this our “Freedom Bread” because it allows them to enjoy the same excellent taste, texture, and nutritional benefits of our other breads without the yeast or added sugars.  Responding to customer requests, this is now an ENTIRELY SWEETENER-FREE mix. (Of course, for those of you who don’t need to worry about it, just add your sweetener of choice to the mix). This is our all-purpose self-rising flour blend, perfect for a variety of breads such as dinner rolls, wraps, and more. 


  • Free from gluten, yeast, corn, dairy, soy, potato, nuts (including peanuts), rice, and all sweeteners.
  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • Kosher Michigan 
  • Yields one large 2 pound loaf
  • Can be made egg free
  • Available in 25 pound bulk bag (note: our bulk is 25 pounds of the flour blend, not individual mixes). Bulk preparation instructions


Tapioca Starch, Arrowroot Flour, Sorghum Flour, Millet Flour, Chia Seed Flour, Cream of Tarter, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sea Salt, *Xanthan Gum

*Our xanthan gum has been DNA tested to confirm it is free of corn and soy.

We take very special care in ensuring our products are free of the allergens we claim on our products.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us before making a purchase. Toll free: 877-354-3886.

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