Happy customers share stories of how our gluten-free and allergen-free bread mixes have changed their lives.

Hi, just letting you know that I've been using your pizza crust mix for some time now and felt compelled to let you know on how much I enjoy not only making it but how good it taste in comparison to your competitors. Unlike others who require a wet smeared mixture yours behaves just like real doe. Last week we did pizza night and I made mozzarella, with thick cut bacon that I had baked from my butcher. It tasted awesome, including the left over's that I placed in my toaster oven to reheat. Yum! Thank you again for making a great product.


I just wanted to tell you how excited I am  about your bread and your brownie mix. I made the herb bread and the brownie for dinner the other night and the kids absolutely loved both in fact the 7 year old has been bugging me like crazy to make the bread again. I didn't tell them it was gluten free until after they ate it. Their reply "I don't care what it was It was good." Thank for making my life easier  and more enjoyable to eat,


I purchased your yeast free bread mix because the store (Natural Health in Cape Girardeau, MO) had a cute display just as I walked in the door. I have become gluten intolerant along with dairy and egg allergies. The breads I have been making have been a struggle and always disappointing either from scratch or a mix. But I baked your yeast free bread today and the aroma I could smell outside even with doors and windows shut. When I opened the oven to take it out, it looked beautiful. It had risen beautifully (usually my bread is sunken and poor texture. Even the store-bought mixes). I allowed it to cool then sliced it. The slices wilted over each other like real bread would do, not crumbled. Then I tasted it with my Earth Balance butter and I about died. I could not believe how wonderful it was to eat warm, flavorful bread again. I am totally grateful to you. I know you get it, being celiac. I will buy every product you make from here on. I made it just as the box said and it is the most easy bread I have EVER made. Again. Thank you. You rocked this woman's world today.


We love Breads from Anna and without your company and its commitment to pure and allergy free ingredients, my son with Autism would not get to eat bread, brownies, and wonderful recipes....now all I need is a cookie dough from you guys and life is PERFECT!!! xxoo your biggest fan!! 


Combine all previous comments and that still doesn't get close to how much I love this company and what it stands for. The combination of amazing grains and nutritional content and quality of ingredients put all other companies to shame in my opinion. I wish I would have found this years ago! I can't say enough and thank you enough for these products...just wish I could make them last longer cause my bread just gets demolished when it's made.


I love the small company feel and that y'all really care about taking care of your customers.:) That's hard to find these days! I also greatly appreciate how you try to get your ingredients (like xanthan gum) from the best sources. Thank you!


I love the ease in making your breads. I also LOVE how you have prepared mixes that taste good and that my son can finally enjoy! Thank you and truly, may God bless you for your amazing work!!!


At 10 months old, my son was diagnosed with severe food allergies to milk, eggs, wheat, rye, rice, peanut, tree nut, soy, shellfish, fish, sunflower and coconut. With that, I didn't know what to feed my almost 1 year old as we were trying to transition to table foods. I found Navan Foods (which was God sent) and she introduced me to your products which were also God sent! As a single working mother, although it would be great to experiment and create new food items for my son, that's not the reality of the majority of America. Breads from Anna has been such a blessing as I use the mixes to make muffins, pancakes, doughnuts, mini muffins, cookies and a lot of other things I'm trying out. I called your company out by name in my prayers because I'm thankful God placed this company on your heart so that Kameron and other people are able to be blessed.


I love this company and want to send a heartfelt, warm hug to every person who is part of Anna's team. I love having a real sandwich! And now I can bake pies that my family and I just love!!! I am also thrilled with the recipes Anna emails each week and those on her website: creative, delicious ways to use her mixes.


I have had to call a couple of times for help, the response was personal and amazing. The orders come quickly, they are always what I expect and it works every time. I don't know what I would do without your products, they make my life so much easier and more enjoyable.


I have been eating gluten free for over 25 years and was happy to try something that I didn't have to make from scratch. Sometimes a mix is just easier! I recommend the pumpkin bread to everyone that I know on a GF diet! I also serve it to people that are not on a GF diet and they love it!


The bread is the best bread I've found to fit my needs. The pancake/muffin mixes are wonderful. Even my husband and co-workers that aren't dealing with food intolerances love them! The yeast-free bread makes a great peanut butter/honey sandwich!


The breads act like bread. They rise and bake perfect. The banana nut bread was super soft and just the right sweet. With butter it did not last long. Even our still traditional bread eaters in the family loved the banana nut bread.


When I want bread, you have the best thing out there for me.


I now buy your original bread mix by the case and your yeast free bread mix in bulk. These are staples in my diet and I could never be without them. The consistent high quality of the ingredients and the thought that went into choosing them, always keeping an eye toward nutritionally sound ingredients instead of empty calorie/carb ingredients such as (shudder) white rice flour. Well there are two best things: First what I said above, and second, how easy it is to make delicious bread products I'd be proud to share with GF and non-GF friends alike.


I always recommend Anna's bread and flour for baking gluten free breads! It is by far the finest gluten free flour I have tried. I will never forget the day our first shipment arrived. The boys were jumping up and down! They couldn't wait to try it! My boys still love the bread - especially after it is first baked. They patiently wait one hour so it settles and then they eat it as is - no butter or jam just delicious homemade bread!


So easy and so tasty you would never know they are GF! Thank you!


Your breads seem to make my blood sugar rise less, and rise more slowly.

I do not have a gluten problem, but I often use your bread mixes because a family member has celiac. When eating the bread, I noticed something that made me eat more of it. I have type I diabetes. Your breads seem to make my blood sugar rise less, and rise more slowly. I actually had to drink some orange juice after the first couple of times I ate the bread because I gave myself the amount of insulin I would use for a regular slice of bread. This is particularly true for the yeast free bread.

After that I realized that I did not need as much insulin and found it easier to manage glucose ofter eating your bread than after eating regular whole wheat bread. To the extent that you avoid rice flour, and use more bean-type flours, your bread is easier to manage on a diabetic diet. Potato flour also makes for a quicker glucose spike.

I suggest that you talk to some dietitians, endocrinologists and CDEs and ask them if they will recommend your breads for people with diabetes. Have a few people eat an equivalent amount of regular bread and compare the glucose curves to when they eat the same weight of some of your breads. There are a lot of people with diabetes out there.


I never thought I would be on such a strict diet, and so desperate for bread. Two months no bread, and today I had my first slice! Herb bread. I had the top crust with strawberry fruit jam on it!! Heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm looking forward to a real life, with a sandwich!!


In the little bit of baking I've done gluten-free, my goal has always been to make something that tastes good. I've not expected to make something as good as the wheat flour version. Much to my surprise (and with Robert's consensus) we thought that the flavor using your flour exceeded any version with wheat flour. The texture was moist and light, the flavors popped and danced like never before, and the sugar sang with a clarity I'd never tasted. It was magic!  You are an alchemist! Never again will I think that gluten-free foods need to be a compromise in taste or texture.


Thank you for your products! I've tried to go gluten-free, for health reasons, for years, but the bread products from other companies just didn't do the trick. Most of them fell apart in your hands, were hard as rock and/or had a "chalky" taste to them. I'm gluten sensitive and also need to stay away from yeast, corn, rice, etc., etc. Your products meet my challenge. My husband, who likes to cook, is also enjoying the mixes. They have wonderful texture, taste and smell delicious! Thanks for helping my family and I to better health!


Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed your pie crust mix at Thanksgiving. We served pie to non-GF folks and they LOVED it. Thanks for all you do to make life a little sweeter.


I have tried for years to make things that tasted good – either from scratch or pre-made mixes – hands down, these mixes are easy to mix up AND taste amazing, plus the contents are nutritious! I will be ordering lots more and trying other products from your line…Pretty sure we will be loyal customers for life.


Just having ‘a mix’ like a regular house is HUGE for saving time…You guys are amazing and we are so grateful to have found you!! Your bread is a staple in our house!


Food allergies make meal planning a lot of work and time consuming and you’re saving me a lot of both!

The ingredients looked simple and healthy and my daughter has multiple food allergies and this mix was something where she could tolerate all the ingredients! I’m used to making everything from scratch so these mixes have saved me a ton of time and effort and it’s one of the very few mixes that actually tastes amazing! The textures and flavors are terrific and my daughter has absolutely loved them! I have told EVERYONE about your company! I’ve had my daughter on this specialized diet for 8 years and not sure how I’ve missed out on you but so glad I found your company! And I will continue to share with others! My daughter is hooked on your black bean brownies and we all love the yeast free bread! Definitely will be ordering more. You guys are rockin my world with these mixes! Food allergies make meal planning a lot of work and time consuming and you’re saving me a lot of both! Thank you!


Best banana bread I have ever had.


The bread’s texture is fantastic. You wouldn’t know it was gluten-free. I have already recommended your products to others. They’re the best gluten-free products on the market in my view.


This was my first piece of bread in 3 years, and it was like a slice of heaven.

I just made a loaf of your yeast-free bread. I am writing to say thank you so much! I just had a warm piece of the bread with butter and immediately felt compelled to write you. It is absolutely delicious! I have celiac disease, but on top of that I cannot have yeast. This was my first piece of bread in 3 years, and it was like a slice of heaven. Thank you again for your terrific yeast-free product. I am going to look for it this week, but if the store does not have it, I will be ordering from you. You have a new and loyal customer!

Thank you for all the hard work you have put into your breads. I have a 15 yr old daughter recently diagnosed with Celiac disease. She has always been a pretty picky eater, so this was a challenge, but we were OK with the diet because there are many gluten-free product available and she was ready to feel better. However, after 7 weeks on the diet, she did not feel better… I went to Whole Foods, in a daze. And then I saw your banana bread. This is one of Keira's favorite foods. So, thank you again, for all that you do to make our lives much better. It has made the world of difference to us!!


Just had to share … For the first time in over a year I made bread in the bread machine using one of your mixes – the house smelled great! What a treat to smell fresh baked bread. We have not had the scent in over a year, since I gave up wheat!

Thank you for bringing back a family favorite, homemade bread and a big pot of homemade soup on Monday nights!

- Jackie 

We are very pleased to have this well known food critic give our breads a try, please click this link to hear his thoughts! http://breadsfromanna.com/narsai.mp3

Your new forever online customer!

- Kendell

The bread smelled every bit as good as it tasted.

Of everything I have tried over the years, this herb bread from Breads from Anna has been the very best. The bread smelled every bit as good as it tasted. It had the texture of "gluten-full" bread and a nice crumb. It was lovely warm with butter and a cup of tea. If you or someone you love is gluten-free, try these breads. I am going to try the pumpkin bread next--and plan to send some mixes to my MIL for Valentine's Day.



I just made wraps from your GF/DF (Corn & Dairy Free) bread mix, and I can't thank you enough for your excellent product! It was so nice to sit down to a "sandwich" that actually tasted like real food!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

- Melissa

I just saw the banana bread mix at a local grocery store, HyVee, in Kansas City, Missouri. I came home and made it and cannot believe how delicious it is! The texture, flavor, smell is just like the 'real' banana bread.

Thank you so much for making a gluten-free banana bread mix!

- Sandie 

The first time I handed my son a slice of your bread, his eyes lit up and he said, “Wow, Mommy, THANK YOU!”

I just made not only my first loaf of Anna’s bread, but also my first loaf of bread (in my life) and it turned out AMAZING!!!!!! My 4-year old son has severe ADHD, and we are having to cut out gluten, dairy and now corn. We have been eating gluten-free and dairy free for a while, so we have been buying the frozen, pale looking gluten-free breads from the store. They are terrible. I thought we would have to just go without good bread, but I was wrong! Your product is amazing and now we realize that we can have delicious tasting bread without the bad stuff in it! The first time I handed my son a slice of your bread, his eyes lit up and he said, “Wow, Mommy, THANK YOU!!!”. It was the best feeling a Mom could have. Thanks so much for your work in creating such a fantastic product!

- Jennifer

It's almost miracle territory.

I can't eat. Hardly at all. I'm allergic to corn, gluten, dairy, soy, and peanuts, just to name some of the biggest ones. However, when I got the shipment of bread I ordered, I ripped open the package and made the herb bread. I ate it. It was great. Now, the part in there that might not mean much to you is I ATE IT. I ate it and had NO REACTION. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find something I DON'T react to? It's almost miracle territory. I was, and am, thrilled. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. This is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship. Hooray! I can ACTUALLY eat BREAD!!! :)

-Sarah, extremely excited and happy customer

I'm hooked. I'm off to order a 25 lb. bag.

Just writing to say that, wow, the bread is fantastic. I'm definitely a skeptic and a very tough critic, and I'm in a bit of disbelief at how good this is. I offered it to some friends with no allergy restrictions and they were instantly asking for more. Everything about it, the texture, the taste, even the moisture level after four days. It toasts well, it's great plain. I'm hooked. I'm off to order a 25 lb. bag. Thank you, really, for developing this mix. It re-opens a door that's long been shut.


I will only buy and make your breads!!

I have been gluten-free for four years making bread once a week. I just made a new recipe this week, that I hate and will be making crumbs out of the entire loaf! I recently purchased some of your mixes, and I just wanted you to know that I have never in four years eaten such "wonderful" breads!! I love them!! I realize your mixes are more expensive than many, but you get what you pay for! Most of the time, I make bread from scratch, but as soon as I use up my many bags of different flour, I will only buy and make your breads!!


My husband doesn't have Celiac, and the first bite of your pie crust he said, "This is really good!"


Last night I made a Peach Pie using your pie crust. Since going gluten-free, I have only made a couple of pies because I did not like the crusts. They are always hard after they cool down. Oh my gosh--your pie crust is to die for!!! I was known for being a great pie maker, but not lately! I am so excited that I tried your mix. My husband doesn't have Celiac, and the first bite of your pie crust he said, "This is really good!" The crust is as flaky as my mother's crust recipe that I used to make, and I used to have many people tell me my pies were the best they had ever tasted. I may have that "title" again!!


Breads from Anna has been a breakthrough for us.

My son, who is 13 years old, was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. We managed to adjust to a gluten-free diet pretty easily--except for bread. We must have tried every gluten-free bread available. I tried baking some from other mixes, too. But we didn't like any of them; the powdery texture, the flavor, the color...nothing was right. So my son decided to give up on bread. Then the nutritionist in our doctor's office recommended Breads from Anna. I made a loaf and took the first bite and then shouted across the kitchen to my son, "Wait! Stop! Don't take a bite--this can't be gluten-free!" I had to check the package twice--it tasted so good and so much like wheat bread. Breads from Anna has been a breakthrough for us. The whole family--Celiac and non-Celiac--loves it. It is great for sandwiches, hamburger buns, dinner rolls, etc. You don't even need to toast it. And it is easy to make. The first time, I didn't even have a mixer; I just stirred it in a big bowl with a wooden spoon and it came out perfectly. With a stand up mixer, it is a cinch. You don't have to be a baker. The recipe is foolproof. Now that we have found this bread, it is as if the last cloud has lifted. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!


Thanks so much for bringing bread back into [my daughter's] life!

My daughter (26) has been living gluten-free for about 9 months now and REALLY missed good bread. So much of it was dry and hard on the market. This year Ii bought her your bread machine and some of your mixes and she just couldn't jump up and down any higher or harder! She was thrilled! Thanks so much for bringing bread back into her life!


-Theresa (one Happy Mama)

I am Celiac that had trouble finding good bread for the last two years since I was diagnosed. I have tried all kinds of breads, but my mom and I agree that none are as good as your bread! The texture is similar to regular bread. Because your bread is soft and does not fall apart like some gluten-free breads. Thanks for making great bread. My 5 year old sister Sara likes it too.


12 years old

I have just baked my first Breads From Anna and have to tell you I am just thrilled!!!!! I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago and have tried the ready made loaves(Yuck) and the other mixes (Fair). Yours is the first I can eat without toasting it first and can now have a real sandwich like real people eat. Also, it is healthier than all the other ones. Thank you, thank you.


The thing I like about your bread is that it doesn't have the flat aftertaste of other mixes I've tried.

I am a 64 year old lady who was diagnosed with celiac a few years ago... I was and still am , a baker... I've set up about 8 binders of gluten/wheat free recipes. I've never been a big bread eater, until now, I have not found one mix or bread recipe, that can compare to your Breads From Anna/corn, dairy, soy & rice free. The thing I like about your bread is that it doesn't have the flat aftertaste of the other mixes I have tried. My Husband likes it too! Frankly, you could not tell the difference between this and wheat bread if you did not know it.

-Pat W.

Sharing something healthy with your friends... JOY!

The little joys of motherhood... I made Anna's Pumpkin Bread into muffins for my little girl (5 years old) to take to school for her class treats. No sprinkles or frosting was added, just the plain simple healthy muffin. When she came home from school I asked her how the kids liked their snack. "Oh, mom they gobbled them down in 10 second flat." I asked again, "So all the kids liked them?" (21 kids total) The answer was, "Yes." Sharing something healthy with all your little friends... JOY!

-A Mom

Loved the banana bread muffins. Easy. I've tried 7-10 recipes from scratch, not as good results. Now I have Anna!


I can't wait to try more of your products.

Just wanted to let you guys know that I tried the banana Bread Mix and it is wonderful. I made muffins instead of bread, used two eggs yokes and one eggs replacer since my son is allergic to egg whites and it still came out great. I purchased your product at a store called Little Giant located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. I can't wait to try more of your products. My son is on the autistic spectrum and cannot eat gluten, dairy, egg whites, or soy. He used to love Banana muffins I would make for him and I am so glad that I found a replacement that is so good he will never miss the wheat.

-Deirdre- Hong Kong

Thanks again for letting me make a pig of myself with the pumpkin bread this weekend. I have not had a treat that tasty since I began my GF life!

[My son] said it is the best stuff he ever tasted and ate a whole slice. That is huge for my picky eater!

Thank you so much for the great loaf of pumpkin bread. I enjoyed it as a snack during my travel day today. I had to tell you about my "taste test" with my 11 year old when I got home this evening - he said it is the best stuff he ever tasted and ate a whole slice. That is huge for my picky eater! I am pretty sure he is GI, but I have not tested him yet because I am only 5 weeks into this diet and needed to get situated on it before I can help my kids do it. I will be baking cookies from your mixes this week with my boys to start guiding them toward some GF foods. I can't wait to make quiche with the pie crust. I think my kitchen will be busy this week!

- Jennifer

Enjoyed your wonderful bread recently at the CDF meeting in L.A. I could have cried ­ it was the first truly good bread I've tasted in over twenty years. Bought some, made it at home, and what a treat! Thank you so much!

- Nancy

I felt like I was eating wheat bread again. It is incredible!!!

Let me first say, your bread mixes are nothing short of amazing! I first tried them at the Celiac Symposium back in November and promptly went out and bought the Banana & Pumpkin bread mixes to make for Thanksgiving. They were a hit with both the celiacs and non-celiacs! I love both of these breads.

I had also brought the regular bread mix, but was hesitant to try it because it involved using the brand new Zo bread machine that while I was so excited to get, was secretly scared of, and figured there was no way the bread would come out as good when I made it in the bread machine, as the sample I had tasted at the Symposium. Well after much prodding from my husband I finally decided to make the bread this past Sunday. WOW, is all I can say! Not only was the bread machine ridiculously easy to use, but I felt like I was eating wheat bread again. It is incredible!!! Again, I was worried, that ok it would taste great when I first made it but by the 2nd day it would be the usual gluten- free bread that needed to be toasted or crumbled when you ate it. Nope! Got home last night cut a piece off, and just ate it. No toasting, no crumbling, no slathering it with peanut butter to make it edible… just perfect bread. Thank you!

That said, because you are clearly some sort of gluten-free bread genius, I was wondering what you thought about developing a mix for a mock-rye bread? A pastrami sandwich just isn't the same without it ; )

Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.

- Jillian

We love the texture of the yeast free bread, even with the egg-free option…I often recommend your breads for families with multiple food allergies that are also seeking options with nutritional value. Your breads have become a regular part of our diet rotation.


Good morning---had to tell you that the breads from Anna are magnificent!! It's so great to be able to make such tasty treats with good texture for my celiac wife. Great mix of ingredients. Look forward to cranberry bread. Keep up the good work.

- Gerald

My chiropractor came to my house for dinner and brought a hot loaf of your bread! I loved it! Keep up the innovative recipes...Thank you so much for creating something so wonderful!


My family LOVED your bread.

Hi, Anna... I met you at the cooking class in E. Greenwich, RI earlier this month. I have a 12 yr.old daughter who is diabetic, vegetarian, and celiac. My husband and 7 yr. old son are also celiac as well... I just wanted to tell you how much my family LOVED your bread. I won a package of it that night and made it the very next day. My kids wanted toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and it was gone in less than 2 days. We placed an order for a case of the bread and can't wait to get it. Thank you so much for putting on your demonstration that night. Even though I'm not celiac and can eat normal breads, I loved all the foods you made that night and thought they were delicious. I've been recommending your products to my other celiac friends who weren't aware of your breads b/c I think EVERY celiac should try them!! Thanks again!

- Shelley

The mixes are easy to use and make fantastic and good products. I make the products and take them along and others don’t know they’re gluten-free. I truly love the products I’ve used.


Give Anna a big hug for me. Yum. The breads are great. I hand make them with no power tools. They are delightful! Gotta go order more! See ya!!


Just wanted to let you all know I tried 'Breads by Anna' Banana Bread mix yesterday. Like the other gluten, corn, rice and yeast free products available, it was great.

I didn't have enough bananas to try "banana bread," but did have a lot of fall apples that needed to be used. So, I made applesauce in the food processor, and instead of mashed banana, added applesauce instead and 1 t. cinnamon (could have used 1 T. cinnamon) instead. Since I live at high altitude (8600 feet), I baked it in TWO loaf pans instead of one, making 2 loaf size "cakes" instead of "bread." (Loaves have much more of a tendency to fall and be soggy at this altitude.) Would have made great muffins as well. Or, with a layer of cinnamon, sugar, nuts and sour cream in the center of the batter, a wonderful "coffeecake." You could not tell it was gluten-free. No gritty rice flour either.

I bet the company could add 'Alternative Suggestions' to the banana bread package for all sorts of different 'fruit breads/cakes/muffins' and now I wish I had another bag handy to actually try a 'Christmas fruit cake' - using 'good' dried fruit and a lot of spices and nuts! Bet it would work!

Great products! I would be happy to recommend them to my food sensitivity clients.


Hi! Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I love your bread mix! It's definitely the best G-free bread out there!! It makes sticking to this strict diet so much easier. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

- Jessica

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how absolutely wonderful your pie crusts are!! I made two pies for Thanksgiving and no one knew that they were gluten-free, just that they tasted really good. The tip off was when my Mother-in-law said, hey you aren't supposed to be eating this! When I told her, she was amazed at how great the texture and taste was!

Thanks again!


The bread [is] delicious and could compete with any of the pumpkin bread recipes I had pre-celiac disease.

My father and I were diagnosed with celiac disease earlier this year and were forced to give up so many of our favorite foods and family traditions. We attended our first Celiac Conference in Columbus on November 4th and purchased a Pumpkin Bread Mix. As a girl, my mom always let me eat leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast after Thanksgiving and I was afraid to see another tradition go; however, I've been savoring the pumpkin bread for breakfast AND dessert (warm, with a little vanilla ice cream) ever since Thanksgiving. Not only is the bread delicious and could compete with any of the pumpkin bread recipes I had pre-celiac disease, but it's just as delicious as the leftover pumpkin pie I used to eat in years past. I'm looking forward to trying the other bread mixes and thank you for making these products available.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


My husband, who does not follow a gluten-free diet, loves the light texture too.

WOW! Your pumpkin bread ROCKS! I had my doubts when I was mixing the batter (it looked a little chunky and I though it may be gritty) but the bread turned out great. By mistake, I poured it in a cake pan instead of a bread pan (and cooked it for only 25 minutes) and it was awesome. My husband, who does not follow a gluten-free diet, loves the light texture too. I love to bake and I think this is the best cake/bread I've ever tried. We'll definitely buy your products again. Great job!


I’m enjoying sandwiches for the first time in 3 years!

When asked what my favorite food is… forever… my answer has always been bread and butter (that counts as one food, right?). So, when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, not only could I not eat my favorite food anymore… but any breads acceptable for Celiacs were, in my experience, pretty much inedible. I’ll bet I tried 10 different bread recipes and none worked. Breads From Anna® has changed all that! It’s the best. I’m enjoying sandwiches for the first time in 3 years!

Your devoted fan,


Buy a mix from Breads From Anna®!! It is WITHOUT QUESTION the best bread. Superior to any we have tasted. My husband has made many loaves, tried dozens of recipes, and nothing comes close.

I have no financial interest in this company, but will do whatever necessary to ensure it stays in business, due to the quality of the product. And, the owner is a really neat lady, too ;-)


Well, I take my hat off to you! It is the best GF bread we've ever had!

...When it comes to GF bread, I thought I had developed THE BEST recipe out there (it includes Montina). After you and I made contact I checked out your website and decided to try your bread. We ordered a bag of 'Breads From Anna®' form Gluten-Free Pantry and baked a loaf and 5 hamburger buns with it this morning. Well, I take my hat off to you! It is the best GF bread we've ever had! I'm putting my great bread recipe back in the 'tried' archive!

We baked it in the oven in a clay bread pan. The texture is amazing! The taste is great! And the fact that it has the 'gluten' stringiness makes you feel you are eating a great bread from a local gourmet bakery! As someone said to me about the baklava and spanakopita, so I say to you: TAKE A BOW !!!


I believe I will make this bread all the time.

We had our meeting tonight and your bread was a big hit! I have been celiac for 3 years and never found a bread I truly liked, except the millet, which has recently been shot down. I made this bread and my grandkids (non-celiac) kept asking for more slices to eat. I think I ate a half loaf by myself. It is wonderful warm, but the test came hours later when it was truly cooled down. It was still AWESOME and didn't even need toasted. I have never made bread for myself except once early in my illness. Now I believe I will make this bread all the time. Also our support group loved it and we will be doing group orders. They can hardly wait to get their own.

Thanks so much ...again.


I just tried the corn free/dairy free mix with Flax Seed (3Tbspn with 9 Tbspn of boiling water, let set for 15 minutes, then stir) and it turned out GREAT! My daughter can't eat dairy, soy, gluten, corn, or egg, so we have not been eating bread until now. I am so happy to have found your product and I'm thriled at the ease of making, and fantastic taste and texture! Thank you.


There is no other gluten-free bread that tastes like normal bread.

I LOVE Breads From Anna®! I've been a celiac for three years and I've given up bread altogether because I don't like the gluten-free breads out there- they are all really dry and tasteless. But then I tried Breads From Anna® and I can't get enough! There is no other gluten-free bread that tastes like normal bread, except this. I can actually eat sandwiches now and ENJOY them! The consistency and texture of it is like no other.

But my favorite thing to do with the bread mix is to make a pizza crust from it. I crave it! Even my non-celiac friends love it as much as I do! You wouldn't know that this mix is gluten-free unless someone told you. It's THAT good!


It's great! It tastes great (not like cardboard) and it's soft. It's like real bread! If I could eat it all day I would.

-Maggie, 17 years old

Her sister said this:

It tastes like real bread and looks like real bread. It's awesome--the best bread I've ever had!

-Kathryn, 10 years old

I made bread last night (in the bread machine). It’s absolutely delicious! Thank you again for developing this recipe. I can see it is going to be a staple at my house!


I made your special gluten-free bread in class to day, it is fantastic! I am wheat-free and primarily gluten-free. I recently added oats back into my diet and I am playing with barley now. But I will never go back to eating wheat--I feel 100% better. I am not celiac, but have had many problems with digesting wheat. As you know finding really good bread is hard. Actually I haven’t had any good basic bread. Sweet breads are easy, but just plain basic bread is hard to come by. Let me know about how to go about purchasing! Thanks again for your creation, I can’t wait to eat it up!


Many thanks for the delicious loaf of bread. It is absolutely magnificent! The color, texture, crust and taste were all just perfect! I really feel that I am eating a 'real' piece of bread-just perfect!


Thanks so much for this bread, it is unbelievable! We have not had bread in nine years because there is nothing available that taste or acts like bread. Please, please how can we get more?


This bread is amazing!! The only place I might be able to find bread this good is France!


This is it! There is nothing else out there that tastes like bread, I have to have more.


I cannot explain the happiness that I felt when I tasted the Breads from Anna loaf.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for creating this amazing Gluten-Free bread mix! I am a self proclaimed "bread-a-holic" that has not had bread in 2 years because I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I could not find a bread that tasted like the real thing! They were all so dry and grainy and crumbly that I would rather go without! Not anymore! I cannot explain the happiness that I felt when I tasted the Breads from Anna loaf. It tasted as good as it smelled cooking in the bread machine. It was so easy to make and it turned out perfect! This will free up my life as I can now add bread back into my diet! What a glorious find!