Free From Gluten and Allergens (incredibean)

When we say a product is "free from," we mean it.

We package all of our mixes in our own, dedicated gluten, soy, rice and nut free facility to have the ultimate control. Our facility is USDA and Kosher Certified. To ensure quality and safety we regularly submit our mixes to lab testing.

We source from high-quality ingredient suppliers that do not use equipment shared with wheat/gluten. Because many of us at Breads from Anna are celiac and have severe reactions to gluten (and we love to eat our own products!) we take every possible measure to ensure we are allergen free. We care about our customers and welcome your questions.

All of our mixes are gluten-free, soy-free, rice free, and nut-free.  Many of our mixes are also free from corn, dairy, yeast, and potato.  We do use corn and dairy in one of our mixes but this mix is segregated from the eleven mixes that do not contain corn and dairy.  Please check the specific mix you are interested in for its complete allergen listing

All of our mixes are non-GMO

Please note to those with a corn allergy: The company that supplies our xanthan gum has provided laboratory test documentation to confirm that their xanthan gum is corn free. If you would like further confirmation, please call or email us.