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incrediBEAN is a perfect small midwestern rural village story (800 household, Hillman, Michigan), where the farmers faced with shrinking revenues for their crops, challenged by other bean farmers across country and globally. The farmers were looking to grow their revenue to save their farms and better their livelihood. They charted a innovative path with the help of an agricultural expert James LeCureux and nutritional experts at three Mid-West universities to develop and market new foods that utilized beans. As a result of those efforts and the growth of the gluten-free and specialty health food markets, a specialized process was developed to convert the navy bean from seed to a nutritious flour that could be used in gluten-free and healthy foods. incrediBEAN was founded.

IncrediBEAN is the brand name for incredible Plant-Based gluten-free and extremely healthy food products that utilize dry beans flour as one of the base ingredients. Dry beans have long been known to be extremely nutritious, as it is high in both protein and fiber and is a good source of folate acid, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, thiamin and iron, according to several university and industry studies. By adding other gluten-free ingredients to the dry bean flour, such as hemp seed flour, flax seed flour, chia seed flour, cassava flour the IncrediBEAN will further enhance the nutritional value and the flavor. These new products are free from artificial flavors, artificial colors and preservatives. They are also free from the top 8 major allergens resulting in a nutritious and wholesome foods that are good for everyone in your family.

Next Phase Enterprises as the parent company is certified cGMP by ASI, Gluten-Free by GFCO, Kosher by Michigan Kosher and Non-GMO. Next Phase Enterprises continues to develop new products with emerging plant-based ingredients.