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What are heart healthy gluten-free foods and ingredients?

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In our experience we actually see people gaining weight after starting a gluten-free diet.  This seems counter intuitive, so why does this happen?  Well, often the ingredients in "gluten-free" foods are actually filled with low-nutrient starches and refined sugars.  The American Heart Association has written about this issue on their website and recommends that consumers review ingredients in "gluten-free" foods carefully, and choose ingredients that are higher in protein and fiber, which reduce the risk of  heart disease.  The AHA offers a list of recommended gluten-free foods that are good for the heart.  At the top of their list?  Beans!  We could not agree more, of course, which is why we use a variety of bean flours (when combined) to make up the top ingredient in volume in our mixes. Other recommend foods listed that are also in our mixes, or to be added, include millet, tapioca, potato and eggs. As always, happy and healthy baking to you all! - Anna

Beans and Chia for gluten free nutrition