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How To Customize Your Zojirushi Bread Machine Baking Settings for Gluten Free Baking

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Please Note:  These directions apply only for machines older than 2 years.  If you have a new machine, it will have a gluten-free setting and you won’t need to follow these steps.

  1. Press the Select Course button until you see "Homemade Setting" option
  2. Continue pressing the Select Course button until “Memory 1” appears on the screen
  3. Above the Select Course button are two buttons within “Homemade”, on the right side is “Cycle”, on the left side is “Time”.  You will press both of these buttons to set up the new times
  4. First, press “Cycle” and you should then see “Preheat” on the screen
  5. Then, press the “Time” button until it shows 18 minutes
  6. Press Cycle to the next window, which is the Kneeding Cycle
  7. Press Time to 25 minutes
  8. Press Cycle to the next window, which is “Rise”. There are three Rise cycles; keep pressing the Cycle button until you see “Rise 3”
  9. Press Time to 60 minutes
  10. Press Cycle to the next window, which is “Bake”
  11. Press Time 60 minutes
  12. Press Start. The new settings are complete!  The total baking time, from pre-heat to finish, will be 2:43 (2 hours and 43 minutes)

 Please feel free to call 319-354-3886 if you have any questions.  We are here to help!