Bread Machine Settings

Here at Breads from Anna, we are lucky to have some very dedicated customers who have taken the time to fine tune their bread machine settings to make the most of the Breads From Anna™ mixes. Below are the results of their work and meticulous note taking! Many thanks!


For the Zojirushi

My latest batches of Anna's bread mix in the Zojirushi machine turned out very well, with excellent taste and texture, and I was delighted because I think the mix provides excellent nutrition. In the "wheat" world, flours vary greatly in the amount of moisture they absorb, and I suspect the same is true of the Montina grass in the mix. Also, remember yeast is a living organism, and breads baked with it often vary from batch to batch.

My revised recipe is below, and it sounds more complex than it is. It's actually quite easy to make.

INGREDIENTS (measure carefully)

  • 1 bag Anna's Bread Mix, including 1 pack yeast
  • 3/4 cups eggs: 3 large eggs or 2 large eggs plus 2 egg whites (eggs vary in size), eggs should be at room temperature
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup oil
  • 1 1/3 cups warm water (about 100 degrees)


  1. Remove pan from machine and attach kneading blades.
  2. Carefully measure eggs and use number needed for 3/4 cup.
  3. Combine water, eggs, egg white, vinegar, oil and mix briefly.
  4. Pour liquid mix into pan.
  5. Sprinkle bread mix evenly over wet ingredients.
  6. Make shallow grove down center of mix and sprinkle yeast into grove. Make sure yeast doesn't touch liquid.
  7. Put pan back in machine, press down firmly and close lid. Plug in.
  8. Select setting: Press "select course" until you see 2:08. This is the Quick Wheat setting.
  9. Press Start.
  10. About 5 minutes into kneading cycle, open and scrape down sides with rubber spatula. (Optional)
  11. During the second rise, open and smooth top (Optional)
  12. Remove pan right away when baking is done. Let sit for 5 minutes and remove bread from pan, using rubber spatula. Cool on rack.

Happy Baking,
Jane Davis
Chicago, IL

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QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE for Cuisinart CKB-200 for Breads from Anna™

This bread bakes more quickly than some; therefore, the shortest time is used.

Operating Instructions

  1. Remove bread pan, spray paddle with Pam, and attach kneading paddle.
  2. Measure all ingredients.

    1. Mix Wet Ingredients together in a bowl; pour into bread pan.

      • 1 1/3 cup milk or milk substitute
      • 1/4 cup oil or butter
      • 3/4 cups eggs [2 whole eggs and 2 whites]
      • 2 tsp. honey or sugar
      • 1 tsp. vinegar or dough enhancer
    2. Add Dry Ingredients on top of wet ingredients.
    3. Add 1 pkg. (2 1/4 tsp.) Yeast in small crater in the top of the flours.
  3. Place bread pan in bread maker. Press down firmly until it clicks.
  4. Close lid.
  5. Connect power cord.
  6. Press Menu Button and select Gluten Free option (#9). If you go pass #9, keep pressing Menu Button until #9 shows up again.
  7. Select Crust Color—Light
  8. Select Loaf Size.—Medium—1/2 pound.
  9. Press Start Button.
  10. Press Stop/Pause Button after 12 minutes (8 min, warm and 4 min. knead).
  11. Scrape down the sided and bottom of the bread pan with a rubber spatula to fully incorporate ingredients.
  12. Press Start Button to restart cycle.
  13. Option to remove kneading paddle:

    1. Press Pause Button when machine beeps three sets of 6 quick beeps. Remove Paddle times—2:06.
    2. Take out bread pan.
    3. Pour batter into a clean bowl or onto a greased pizza pan.
    4. Remove kneading paddle from the bottom of the pan.
    5. Replace batter in bread pan.
    6. Press Start Button to resume program to rise and bake.
  14. Special Note: Check to see if bread is done baking after about 60 min. [full baking time is 78 min.] If it is dark, pulled away from the sides of the pan and echoes when tapped, it is done.
  15. When baking cycle is complete, LED light will blink, a 10 beep signal will sound, and the window will read 00:00.
  16. Press Stop Button

    1. Pull out bread pan with hot pads.
    2. Shake bread out of pan over a wire rack. Cool about 20-30 minutes.
    3. Slice when cool. If paddle wasn't removed from batter, cut it out of the bottom carefully.
    4. Freeze any bread not eaten soon as our breads dry out quickly.
  17. Unplug machine.

Tips From Genevieve

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Using the Breadman Bread Machine - Tip 1

  • Follow directions on the back of the mix except I used 2 eggs and 2 egg whites (3/4 cup of egg)
  • I also use dough enhancer

On the Breadman Ultimate…

Using the Custom Settings mode I programmed:

  • 3 minutes - kneading 1
  • 12 minutes - kneading 2
  • 90 minutes - rising time
  • NO Punching
  • NO 2nd or 3rd rising
  • 52 minutes - baking time

The loaf came out beautifully. Even top and evenly browned. The inside of the bread didn't have any holes or imperfections. The sides were a bit caved in, but it did not affect the loaf much and there may be a solution for that. I will have to work on it. The loaf made approximately 12 large size slices of bread. They are large enough that my daughter probably will only need 1 slice for a 1/2 sandwich in her lunch.

The total program from start to finish was 2:37 minutes not including cooling time.

So, overall I am happy with the breadmaker. I think I'll keep it.

Good Luck,

Beth Kassis
El Dorado Hills , CA

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Using the Breadman Ultimate Plus Machine - Tip 2

Please note: if you do not have this type of bread machine, settings may differ.

Breads from Anna™ Gluten Free Bread Mix (20.75) oz

    • Step One: Warm your liquids to “baby bottle warmth” in microwave. Follow package instructions

(*I use milk instead of water)

  • Step Two: Crack eggs into liquid mixture, gently beat. Use room temp eggs, or warm again in Microwave to “baby bottle warmth temp.”
  • Step Three: Add remaining ingredients according to package instructions except increase the oil to 1/3 cup olive oil, coconut oil or butter. Increasing oil makes your bread moister, it stays fresh longer, and it also helps during the mixing process.
  • Step Four: Add all of the dry ingredients last. Take the paper yeast packet and use it to gently spread out flour evenly, then create a trench in the center and pour your yeast into the trench.
  • Step Five: Choose the “Whole Wheat Rapid Med 2lb Loaf” setting (2:20)
  • Step Six: After you have chosen a setting, simply press start. It is wise to check on your bread during the kneading process and scrape the sides if there is any flour not getting mixed in. After the 2 nd kneading cycle, you can reach in and remove paddle. (*use wet hands when removing paddle to prevent dough from sticking to your hands.) Then spread your dough back evenly around pan with spatula. This creates a nicer baked loaf without the paddle mark.
  • Step Seven: When baking cycle is complete, allow the bread to remain in the bread maker for an additional 15 min. after the beeper goes off. This triggers the automatic temperature reduction phase called the “keep warm” feature. This phase slowly lowers the temperature of the bread to keep it from getting soggy during cooling. I've found that by leaving it in here the extra 15 min. it finishes cooking it perfectly on the inside, while gently browning the outside.


Using the Sunbeam 5891 - Tip 1

  • Use the "Basic" setting
  • Select light or medium for the desired crust color
  • Select the 2 lb loaf for the size

Using the Sunbeam 5891 - Tip 2

  • Use 2 eggs, plus 2 whites to get into the 2/3–3/4 c. range
  • Plus, 1 T. maple syrup.

**BE AWARE: Letting your bread remain in the bread machine too long after beeper goes off can cause the sides of your bread to shrink in, creating a still edible, but funny looking hour glass shaped loaf.

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