I’ve heard about cross-contamination but really don’t understand what it means. Can you explain this concept?

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Cross-contamination is when a gluten-free food comes into contact with gluten.  Some companies manufacture gluten-free products and use the same equipment that they process wheat products. Breads from Anna does not have any gluten in the processing facility (as well as soy, rice or nuts).  Read labels carefully if you are celiac to make sure the products are not made on shared equipment or in a facility that contains wheat.

Examples:  The family uses the same bottle of mayo.  One member may spread mayo on wheat bread, putting the knife in and out of the bottle, contaminating the bottle for the gluten-free member of the family. 

Some at home tips:

  • Identify gluten-free foods with an indelible pen or stickers.
  • Thoroughly clean all dishes, pots, pans and utensils between uses.
  • Purchase a second, gluten-free toaster.
  • Use a separate set of cutting boards for gluten-free food prep.
Have two sets of condiment jars or a squeezable condiment container (so a contaminated utensil doesn’t get dipped into your mustard or peanut butter)