Try our delicious mixes at these shows and events - Breads from Anna

Upcoming Events

We know that tasting is believing, so we are traveling the country to spread the word about Anna’s products. If there is an event near you, please come to sample our products and say hello!

2014 Annual Iowa Celiac Conference

October 4, 2014 | Iowa City, IA

This annual Iowa conference features a vendor fair, opportunities for blood screening and bone scan and a lineup of area dietitian and nutrition professionals. Click here for more information.  


University of Chicago Blood Screening & Gluten-Free Vendor Fair

October 11, 2014 | Chicago, IL

Every fall, the University of Chicago holds a free blood screening to test people at risk for celiac disease. Up to 500 participants who come to the University of Chicago from all over the country are tested. Many of the participants would not otherwise have access to celiac disease testing because either their doctors refused to carry out the tests, their insurance would not cover the cost, or they were uninsured altogether. Click here for more information on the screening and vendor fair (Breads from Anna is exhibiting).